Attwood Lake - Open Weekend

March 25, 2012
We are looking forward to the summer and to kick things off there is a fantastic open day this weekend at Attwood Lake, Ohio. 

Our boats have arrived!

September 26, 2011
Our boats have finally arrive in the US and are currently undergoing our NMMA certification inspections and will be on the road to visit dealer this week. We will keep you posted as we progress and we look forward keeping you posted as we progress up through the Mid West and the Great Lakes.

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US Road Show Updates

July 29, 2011
All the Road Show products are now on route to Orlando, Florida for the start of our US road show. The road show trailer has been designed and tested to carry four demo boats across the East Coast and dealership response has been fantastic. We will soon be posting a preview of the Road Show units and announcing the launch of our 2012 model line up for next years season.

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Durban International Boat Show 2011

July 15, 2011
We have had a fantastic start to the Durban Boat Show currently being held at the Durban Marina. As part of one of Africa's largest working harbors its an exciting place to hold a leisure boat show and there's a great selection of boats and yachts on display plus plenty of side attractions and activities to keep the whole family entertained. We will keep you posted on developments, have a great weekend.
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US Road show 2011

July 13, 2011
We are about to kick off our US road show on the East Coast. Check back for updates on the 2012 model release and fishing competition updates from the KwaZulu Natal coast.

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Life, Liberty and the Freedom to Play

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